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Live To Lift

Thrive Sports Bra • Black

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    The Thrive Sports Bra by Live to Lift. It’s all about flex and stretch, thanks to that dope spandex that moves with you—no restrictions here! And peep the moisture-wicking nylon that keeps you dry and cool, whether you’re hitting the gym or just chillin'.

    Stretch & Breathability
    Spandex is like your BFF, always bouncing back even after a million wears and washes. And nylon? It's the MVP for keeping sweat at bay and letting your skin breathe. It pulls sweat away like a boss, leaving you dry and chill. Air flows through like it's got places to be, making sure your temp stays on point, whether you're in the gym or out for a run.
    Full Coverage
    Our wider band is like your trusty sidekick, giving you that cozy hug to keep everything in place.
    Plus, it gives you that extra coverage you've been craving. It's all about stayin' snug and secure, so you can focus on slayin' your day.
    Medium to High Impact Approved
    Your new go-to for rockin' medium to high-intensity activities. Perfect for gettin' your flow on in yoga, crushin' it in pilates, hittin' the pavement for a jog, or gettin' sweaty at the gym. It's all about supportin' your hustle while keepin' you comfy and cool.
    Removable Shaping Cups
    Our customizable shaping cups are like your secret weapon for extra support, shape, and coverage while you're gettin' your workout on. Pop 'em in or take 'em out whenever you feel like it to get that perfect fit. It's all about you feeling comfy and confident, no matter what your day throws at ya.
    Wireless Comfort
    Wirefree soft cups are like the chill vibe you've been searching for. They're all about that comfy-cool feel with zero digging in—seriously, no drama here. Get ready for some serious flex and all-day comfort that won't cramp your style. These cups are your ride-or-die for a lit day, keeping you movin' and groovin' without a care in the world.
    Impeccable Details
    Get ready to be blown away by the flawless detail. It's like the cherry on top, taking the whole vibe up a notch. Talk about adding some serious style to your look!
    Thrive Sports Bra • Black
    Thrive Sports Bra • Black
    Thrive Sports Bra • Black
    Thrive Sports Bra • Black
    Thrive Sports Bra • Black

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